World Dinners Survey
Thank you for volunteering your time by welcoming international visitors into your home. World Dinners (formerly Home Hospitality) is a vital part of our visitor programming and it is one of the greatest benefits that we offer to our members. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to give us feedback about your home hosting experience.
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When did you host a visitor(s) in your home?

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Were you able to locate your guests at the arranged meeting place prior to dinner?

Please describe the difficulty you experienced in finding your guests.

Were you provided with enough information about the visitors and what was expected of you prior to hosting your guests? *

How could we have better prepared you for your World Dinner experience?

Did you invite friends or family to join you and your guests?

How many friends or family members joined you and your guests?

Would you be willing to put us in touch with them for future home hosting opportunities?

Will you keep in touch with the international visitor(s) that you hosted?

How have your views of your guests' home country or culture changed as a result of your home hosting experience?

Please briefly describe how your understanding and appreciation has deepened as a result of your experience.

What was it about your experience that negatively impacted your views of their country or culture?

Do you think your guests' views of the U.S. were positively influenced by their World Dinner experience?

Gracious home hosts like yourself will benefit from the valuable feedback you are providing! Only three more questions to go!

Was there anything that surprised you (in a positive or negative way) during your home hosting experience?

After hosting U.S. Department of State sponsored international visitors in your home for dinner, you truly are a Citizen Diplomat.

What inspiring moment would you share from your World Dinner experience to encourage others to engage in Citizen Diplomacy?

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Thank you for your valuable feedback! We will use it to continue to improve our World Dinner program and to expand our impact.