World Dinners Host Application
Thank you for your interest in World Dinners (formerly home hospitality). In order to better prepare you and the visitors for a rewarding experience, please take a moment to provide us with some helpful information.
To begin, please provide us with some contact information:

First Name:

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Please list the names, ages, and titles (e.g. spouse, roommate, child, etc.) of household members.

Does anyone smoke in your home?

Do you allow smoking inside or outside your home?

Do you have pets in your home?

Please indicate the type(s) of pet(s) in your home.

If visitors are allergic or uncomfortable with animals, are you willing to provide alternative accommodations for your pet(s) (such as putting them in another room for the duration of the visit)?

Are you willing to accommodate any of the following special dietary needs?

Select all that apply.


Please briefly describe your international experience.

In what countries or regions are you interested?

Please list language(s) you speak and include your level of proficiency.

What is your occupation?

Please include a short biography (5-6 sentences or less) of you (and your family members if applicable). Feel free to discuss your interest in international relations/cultures, your hobbies, and/or your profession.

Please use 3rd person narrative as this will be shared with visitors.

Ideally, how many visitors would you feel comfortable hosting for dinner at one time?

Would you be willing to host guests for an overnight home stay?

How many visitors would you feel comfortable hosting for an overnight home stay?

For what duration of time could you host?

How are Hosts evaluated?
We appreciate that our hosts are volunteers and that they are genuinely interested in welcoming international visitors. At the same time, we seek to protect the interests of our visitors as well as our hosts. All international visitors will be asked to provide informal feedback on their experience with hospitality.

In the case of negative feedback, WorldDenver will evaluate whether additional support or guidance will remedy the situation. If guidance can improve future occasions of hospitality, WorldDenver will provide specific suggestions, feedback, and further information to the hosts. If WorldDenver believes that the hosts are not willing to address the issues raised by the visitors, or are not willing or able to contribute in a positive way to the visitors’ experience in the U.S., WorldDenver will not grant the hosts further hosting privileges.

Media and Social Networking
Please keep in mind that the safety or reputation of international visitors may be in jeopardy if their names, job titles, and other identifiers such as photos and videos are posted on social networking sites. At the beginning of each program, WorldDenver is notified on whether or not the international visitors wish to have their words quoted, their likeness depicted (in photos or sketches) or their conversations recorded. However, it is the responsibility of each host to get individual consent from all hosted guests before posting any information on a social networking site or publishing an article.

Do you agree to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the statements above? *

Unfortunately, you cannot participate in the Home Hospitality program unless you agree to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined above.

Thank you {{answer_1262642}} for completing the application to become a World Dinner Host! We appreciate you volunteering your time and will contact you shortly.

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